Hipstirr Belts- The Original Hipster Leather Pocket Belts by Ruby Bettencourt


We have been a long-time leader in the world of leather pocket
belts and accessories and pride ourselves on the quality and uniqueness that we offer in the wide range of styles, sizes and colors of leather accessories.  

Ruby Bettencourt, owner of Hipstirr Belts has been working in this field for 17 years and has a unique eye for the shapes and forms that flatter the body.

She previously worked as a jeweler creating beautiful works of art as J Bettencourt Dezigns and continues to develop more skills and artistic talents as a co-founder of Steel Love Design, creating large scale steel sculptures that have been featured at
Burning Man and several other events.

This expertise of design work has helped her to create belt styles that can be used
for many purposes. Most styles fit passports on the inside pockets making them the perfect travel accessory- our China Doll belt was featured in the LA Times article: "The best clothes and accessories to take on a trip". Here is a link to the article featuring Hipstirr Belts.